Wednesday, April 16, 2014

That means in plain English that Putin is in fact attempting to do in eastern Ukraine what he did in the Crimea.

I have a friend who is an ex-KGB agent.

He has told me that though the original Russian forces that took over the Crimea were masked and the ones doing the agitation in the east Ukraine also are masked still sometime on live TV the mask get twisted or removed and you can see it is the same person. That means in plain English that Putin is in fact attempting to do in eastern Ukraine what he did in the Crimea.

It is my feeling therefore at this point at the Ukraine ought to stop it. further more it looks like NATO will in fact become more significant in this region. I once thought after the cold war ended that NATO was not needed. Now it seems i was wrong.

I think it is important for people to know that the Ukraine has been very hospitable towards Jewish people.

It is simply not accurate to accuse Ukraine of being anti Semitic --as if Russian rule would be somehow better.

This is simply not true. I happen to have spent a good amount of time in the Ukraine and I can say conviction that comes from experience that there is little or no antisemitism in the Ukraine today. and the little that there is has no expression in ways that Muslims  act towards Jews.

My recommendation also is that the Ukraine be accepted into NATO immediately

Monday, April 14, 2014

My feeling is that there is not a lot of antisemitism in the Ukraine. But there is some. But I don't think that it adds up to what peoples impression is. I was discussing with a friend the other day what I think are the two major areas that the Ukraine needs to address. One area of problem is the culture of theft. This is I think one major reason why the IMF did not want to invest in the Ukraine a few years ago. And this also explains the reason why recently Europe was willing to welcome the Ukraine as part of the EU;-- because of the safeguards that go with being part of the EU (which are stronger that IMF safeguards).
Another area of problem is lack of core curriculum things. When the USSR fell most students in Ukraine went for business degree and humanities which are not really what makes a nation great.   And music and the hard core sciences fell dramatically.

But there has been a recent revival in core curriculum things

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Psychiatry has seen its share of damagingly-erroneous fads over the years: multiple personality, satanism, "recovered memories." It's important to learn from such fads and errors, not to hide them in embarrassment.

Every branch of medicine, and of science in general, experiences erroneous fads and false enthusiasms. Only a few years ago, the climate scientists were going nuts about global cooling, and soon, perhaps, they will do so again.

“Woody Allen, Mia Farrow, Dylan and Truth or truth” (Or, “Would you read this if the title didn’t say “Woody Allen.”)

“Truth is truth,” Paddy Chayefsky stated. If only analysts could have that certitude, lost in the past few decades. Truth is relative, “constructed” in the present (transference), not historically accurate. Historical truth doesn’t exist or doesn’t matter at least. Except if a child was sexually molested: then truth matters, the real thing, what happened, was she or he seduced, assaulted. No “relative” here (for truth).But not a simple matter. Let’s listen to Jean Piaget (more neutral than Woody Allen).

Piaget said that for much of his childhood, he “remembered” that when he was in the pram with his nurse as an infant, he was kidnapped. Then, some years later, his nurse revealed that he had not been kidnapped; she simply hadn’t paid attention and his pram rolled away. He still “felt” that he was kidnapped, even as he learned the historical truth that he hadn’t been.

Now, Allen and Farrow (for this is mostly a tragedy that results from their stunning animosity); their children suffer from what the U.S. Army would call “friendly fire” (about nothing which is friendly when your shot dead). Their young adult adopted daughter is cited by a columnist as an example of someone molested by her father in childhood and the aftereffects into adulthood. But, Allen cites an extensive evaluation at Yale Child Study Center at the time of the alleged molest, that showed that she was likely not molested by father. If they are to believed, if our Yale colleagues are to be trusted to some degree, then we learn at least three things.

First, the now young adulthood victim believes that she was molested; she is a victim of animosity between her parents. Second, we learn respect for the adherence between love and hate (as Freud suggested); how love turns to hate when a “divorce” occurs.

Second, Farrow, married at nineteen to Andre Previn, has such animosity to Allen that she would make enduring accusations at the expense of her children’s well-being (her older son confirms that mother told the children to turn against their father).

And third, perhaps Allen’s last word on this may be dismissed by some.

Perhaps all that is left to us at this point is to recognize that some “truths” are not so relative; ain’t important. Truth about life events can really count. When we work with children molested, helping them recognize the true events of their, to explain why they feel and live the way they do, is one significant factor in this work.

Two parents rain animosity at each other over the decades; their children are shot down in this crossfire.

Monday, March 17, 2014

My advice at this point is to limit the amount of antagonism towards Putin. But I admit that I do not think my advice will be listened to. I have the sad suspicion that the west will use this incident to escalate tensions with Putin.

But I would like to point out several facts. Crimea was a ambiguous gift to the Ukraine in the first place. It was Tartar territory where attacks were launched against Kiev Russ. When the Tzars won the independence of Russia, the Crimea became Russian territory.
Next I want to mention that many Ukrainians even in the West have been wishing to be part of the world power that was the USSR. They miss the thrill of being Number One. [And in fact in some areas the USSR was Number One. At least in Mathematics that seems fairly clear. But even in areas where the USSR was number Two that is still better than being the last on the list or a third world country.  Now that being said of course i know the west and the middle of the Ukraine want to be a part of Europe and the west but that should not diminish the fact that Ukraine and Russia are not enemies. It is only hot heads and trouble makers that want to escalate this.

The seriousness of escalation is real. See: Not Yet News at AP or Politico: Russian State Broadcaster's 'Turn Into Radioactive Ash' Warning to U.S.
Read more:

People might not be aware of this but Putin is not someone to bully. The more the west make threats the more Putin is likely to respond not verbally but by quietly  putting a few nuclear submarines outside of American cities. In fact I would be surprised if he has not done so already.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Even though people monitor this blog from Russia I am not intimated. It is that I really feel that the USA should not get involved in escalation with Russia.
I think that the Crimea is unique and i have said so before on this blog. sanctions against Russia is i think a really bad idea. But I admit that they could legitimately have lost preferred trading partner status. But not sanctions please.

If this escalates it could mean war between Russia and the USA. and this is not a scenario in anyones interest.

Russia is not the enemy of the Ukraine nor of the USA. Lets all calm down. and try to avoid nuclear war

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Even though health care in the USA is getting to look like a problematic issue, my suggestion to people is to take this as blessing in disguise. It is known that Rebbi Nachman from Breslov was un-thrilled about doctors in general and thought they do more damage than good. Also it is the tendency of people to use what they pay for. And thus go to doctors, when they really  do not need to.

I have a better idea I think of how to gain good health. (1) lots of exercise, (2) to eat the foods that the human beings were originally created to eat [nothing processed], (3) Fear of God not coupled with stupidity.

I.e. normally fear of God would by it very nature tend to give people length of days [see Lekutai Moharan volume 1, chapter 60] but what happens is the people tend to combine fear of God with Mishegas [nutty ideas].

Now even though I do not think religions have an monopoly on fear of God but some of them have an over abundance of Mishegas [nutty ideas].  A good example is Islam. Though it is true that there are a lot of elements there that are in accord with Torah, but it makes little sense to say that by killing Jews and Christians that anyone will go to the Garden of Eden. It is in fact more likely that murderers, even in the name of Islam, will find themselves in hell after the dust settles.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

It makes sense to me that Russia and the Ukraine ought not to go to war.
It would not further the prosperity of either nation. On one hand I can understand that Putin wants to expand his sphere of influence.
But that sphere can only be expanded if Ukrainians see him as their friend and not as an invader.

At any rate this is just my first impression. I would like to get some input from my learning partner at this point to see if he has any idea about a proper approach.. For several years, he and I have been learning Gemara at the synagogue of Rebbi Nachman in Uman and find the atmosphere quite pleasant.

 If Russian invades I am not sure that this would change anything. There are after all Lithuanian yeshivas in Russia where people also sit and learn Torah. In fact I had a learning partner a few years back who was rosh yeshiva in some Russian yeshiva [in Petersburg].